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Floor buffer rental in Bristol

Buffing machine rentalOur company provide professional and reliable floor buffer rental mainly for clients living in Bristol, but also for those living in the surrounding areas.

Most often buffing mahines are used to sand the areas between the coats, but also for a professional and even distribution of oilf on wooden surfaces. Still another application for buffers is polishing of surfaces that have been oiled.

To maximise effectiveness of the buffing works the motor is placed in the assymetrical way. At the same time such a solution prevents motor torque from creating the unwanted pressure which makes the work harder.




Our buffing machine advantages:

  • it has adjustable handles as well as the shaft,
  • wide range of mounting plates, which allows for buffing many different types of surfaces,
  • very simple construction and usage,
  • the buffer uses a strong engine which rotates the plate placed in the body made of aluminium,

How to use the buffer properly?

It does not really matter whether you move the buffer in any given direction. Rather, it is up to you to choose the direction, however, it is best to choose one pattern so that you don't miss any areas while buffing.


Hire the buffer for BEST PRICES:

Only £40.00 for one day of buffing & £75.00 for the whole weekend


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