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Wood floor Bristol - for domestic / commercial places

Domestic and commercial floorboards supplies BristolDo you need professional wood floor for your room? Or maybe you look for some highly fashionable and durable parquets for commercial spaces in Bristol?

With our help there is no problem in getting exactly the kind of thing you need. Engineered, hardwood, parquet, mosaic or any other fllor type you need - we can supply it to you!


We can offer you the following wooden floors:

  • hardwood floors,
  • engineered flooring,
  • solid wooden floors,
  • parquet blocks for all types of interiors,
  • highly fashionable mosaics,
  • many flooring accessories to ease all the works,


All the wooden floor products are perfect for domestic & commercial flooring projects

Click pictures below to see details on each floor

solid_hardwood_floor engineered_wood_floorboards parquet_floors mosaic_floors

To maximise the client's satisfaction we only offer the products manufactured from the finest quality timber which is moisture-proof and perfectly prepared to serve for a long time even in places characterised by the heavy traffic.

Are you looking for an easy way to get the set of floor lacquers, damp proof membranes, or wax and hard-wax oils? We can offer you them in a variety of types and for different types of floors. Just contact us and tell us what you need.


Feel free to contact us under the following numbers:

0772 719 8327 (Jack)

0741 187 4501 (Kate)

0776 846 4500 (Cary)

or use the e-mail:

E-mail: info@oakflooringsupplies.co.uk